08 07 20151

11-07-2015: “Via Google we came across this fabulous store in Holland. Only 2 hours drive from Düsseldorf we met a very friendly and young couple who own a very inspiring store. The service with cake and coffee was very cosy and we felt right home. Delivery takes between 10-12 weeks, acutally not such a long time, but since the quality and the furnitures are so beautiful we felt we were waiting even longer 🙂 Delivery and setting the furniture up was no problem, two helpers took care of it in approximately 30 min, for one big table, one cubboard and one livingroom table.

We are also happy with the huge variety of accesories that we found in the store! Good luck to the young family, great store, very friendly people, good prices and excellent quality!!! We will return soon to your shop!” All the best from Düsseldorf- Germany, Hülya and Moritz Schaumann-Werder.